10 moments when Rahul Dravid proved that why he is the best choice as Indian cricket team coach

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Those magnificent drives that flow past his bat giving pure bliss to eyes to the aggression which was clearly visible in his eyes, there was something so special about the Wall which makes him one of those very few personalities across the country with absolutely zero haters.

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Let’s take a look at the instances why Rahul Dravid is a pure gentleman:

#1 He makes sure that U-19 support staff is paid equally as he himself took a pay cut as the team coach, a person like him is a gem, very hard to find.

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#2 A photo of ‘The Wall’ Rahul Dravid, standing in queue during an event has gone viral on social media. According to the picture, it shows the former Indian cricket captain at a science exhibition with his kids. He is a former world-class cricketer but he doesn’t show off.

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#3 When Dravid made a cancer fan’s wish come true

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#4 Politely refused to accept an Honorary Degree from Bangalore University in 2017.

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#5 The Travel guy for australian cricket team.


#6 When Rahul Dravid advised Kevin Pietersen on how to play spin.

Kevin Pietersen had struggled to play Bangladeshi spinners in a tour earlier and had asked Rahul’s advice on how to play spin well. In his book ‘KP: The Autobiography’, Kevin Pietersen published a letter that Rahul had written to him, counselling him on how to overcome his defect.


Kevin Pietersen later said “The kindness, generosity and the time he took to write that email and as simple as he made it sound, it was so beneficial to me. It was beneficial for English cricket too as I managed to sort out a deficiency in my technique, which assisted England because it helped me perform a lot better for my country.”

#7 When Dravid’s Selfie with Mohammad Hafeez won hearts across the India-Pakistan border

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#8 The best actor as well.

you know what we mean :)

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He has always been the best of his avtaar as wall in all aspects of life. Hope he will continue his tenure of his avtaar as Team India mens cricket team coach.

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